Web Design Services

If you’re like many business owners, you know it’s important to have a good website but you may not quite be sure where to start.  Here are some things our web design services can help with:

A professional image for your company website

Just like when you are meeting someone in person, a website visitor’s first impression will play a big part in whether they choose to do business with you.  We think we can help your website make a good impression – take a look at our portfolio to decide for yourself!

What information should go on my website?

There are still a lot of websites that start out with something to the effect of “Our company was started in 1962…”  Even for the owner of that company, how interesting is that?  Instead, it is usually more effective to focus on the needs of your target market and present relevant solutions to those needs.  Interpersonal relationships generally work better when individuals are more focused on each other rather than themselves, and a website is much the same way.  We typically help with making sure that your website will send the right message through both the wording and imagery.

Mobile Websites

Having a mobile-friendly website has become more and more important over the last few years.  Mobile websites shouldn’t just display ok when they are scaled down on a smart phone – they should have navigation buttons that are large enough to easily touch with a finger, they should have a click-to-call link, and they should load as quickly as possible.  The old-fashioned approach to mobile-friendly websites was to have a second version specifically for mobile; one of the main issues with this was making sure that both versions of the site stayed consistent in terms of content (information) when updating one or the other. The current approach is to use “responsive design” – this builds intelligence into a single website that allows it to morph and adapt so it can be displayed nicely across all kinds of devices based on the size of their screens.

Will I be able to update my website myself?

Blue Tree websites come standard with a CMS (Content Management System such as WordPress), which will allow you to log in whenever you want and update wording, pictures, etc.  We normally provide a training session with each new or redesigned website. For more involved things like changing the layout and design, it’s usually best to have us handle it.

I want to spend my time running my business instead of updating my website – will you do it?

Sure. We have reasonable rates and take pride in being responsive to our clients.

What about web hosting?

We recommend choosing a reasonably large hosting company so that there are plenty of resources available for addressing issues.  We have a couple of trusted web hosting companies  to refer you to and we can help you get all set up.

How about domain names?

As a business owner, it is really in your best interest to have full control of your own domain name. We typically recommend that you sign up directly for your own domain name, and we’re happy to help if you need any assistance.  While we sometimes can’t stand their advertising, GoDaddy does actually seem to provide pretty good service when it comes to domain names.

How much will a website cost?

This really depends on how large and complicated your website will be, but our basic business websites often start in the $1800 range.

We’d love to discuss your project – give us a call at 269.978.2571 or send an email to ben@bluetreewebdesign.com.

A few examples of our work